Pickle Prosthodontics’ In-House Dental Lab

Dan Elfring, Master CDT, TE, Nationally Certified Dental TechnicianAt Pickle Prosthodontics, we are devoted to providing our patients with exceptional care, high-quality dental prosthetics, and the best resolution of dental issues. Our in-house dental laboratory and certified lab technicians have the tools and technology to fabricate iTeeth™ (all on 4), dentures, create custom crowns and veneers, and provide repairs.

Services Offered Through Our On-Site Dental Lab

We offer the full spectrum of dental laboratory services at Pickle Prosthodontics, including:

Advantages of Our In-House Dental Laboratory

  • Convenience: Our dental lab creates same-day dentures, crowns, and prosthodontics, saving you an extra trip to our office and allowing you to leave your appointment with beautiful teeth every time.
  • Flexibility: Patients with complex restoration needs benefit from our dental lab’s ability to create a custom solution tailored to their needs. Our dental technicians can consult with each patient and Dr. Pickle for optimal results.
  • Expertise: We have two full-time, certified dental technicians committed to outstanding results using the finest materials for crowns, dentures, and restorations.
  • Quick Repairs: There is no need to send your dentures out for repairs or relining, eliminating the uncomfortable “waiting period” without your teeth.
  • Quality Control: Dr. Pickle oversees all work by our lab technicians, ensuring accuracy and precision.
  • Personalized Care: The technicians at our in-house dental lab meet with you personally to create the size, color, and shape of restoration for a comfortable, natural fit that looks great.

Convenience, quality assurance, and custom attention to your dental work means you can walk into Pickle Prosthodontics and walk out with a beautiful, functional set of teeth with less hassle and better results. To learn more about how our in-house dental lab can improve your oral health and restore your smile, contact our office at Pickle Prosthodontics office Phone Number 719-599-0670 to schedule an appointment.