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Transforming Lives Through Confident, Comfortable Solutions

At Pickle Prosthodontics, our doctors and staff are excited to meet you and learn how we can care for all your prosthodontic needs with the utmost kindness and professionalism. If you are looking for an expert solution to your dental condition, you have come to the right place! Dr. Pickle, Dr. Batson and our staff take pride in providing you with confident care. We provide individual treatment solutions for each patient, from custom-made crowns to specialty dentures made in our in-house laboratory. We know your smile is as unique as you.
We take time to listen to you and develop solutions to address your concerns about how you want your smile to look and feel. Our doctors are expertly trained in their field and devoted to new advancements within prosthodontics. We have a Conference Center where Dr. Pickle and Dr. Batson offer expert speaking half-day and full-day courses as well as evening presentations in order to share their knowledge with other dental professionals.

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Pickle Prosthodontics
9480 Briar Village Point Suite 300
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Telephone: 719-599-0670
Toll Free: 1-866-845-0794
Fax: 719-599-0613

E-mail: business@pickledental.com


  • Dr. Emily Batson, certified in Prosthodontics, replaced my upper teeth with a full set of fixed teeth. Thanks to Dr. Batson I have my beautiful smile back. Just as important my appearance is natural and I am pain free and can eat my favorite foods. I strongly recommend Dr. Batson, staff, and Pickle Prosthodontics for your dental care with long-term results!
    —Takako Trujillo
  • Dr. Batson is very kind, professional and informative about the procedure she will use to help rectify your smile. She has a wonderful way with her patients and only wants to do the best for them. Dr. Batson truly has your smile and overall health in mind when she cares for your dental needs.”
    —Patricia E.
  • Dr. Pickle is an extremely conscientious doctor. He managed to fit me in for emergency appointments when I really needed them and has referred me to excellent specialists for root canals. My husband and I have always found Dr. Pickle to be very personable and extremely knowledgeable about his profession. He also employs the very best assistants I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I have had many years of observing dental assistants.”
    —Carolyn W.
  • Both Dr. Pickle and Dr. Batson are outstanding prosthodontists. They are very friendly and knowledgeable, and they are always willing to answer any question respectfully and thoroughly.”
    —Dr. Benning
  • As an instructor, Dr. Pickle is eager to share his abundant experience and knowledge unconditionally with others in his field.”
    —Dr. Jackson
  • My impression of Dr. Pickle is that he is highly trained in his field and capable of managing even the most complex cases. Due to his outstanding experience, he is able to answer any and all questions he receives. As an educator, he gives a very practical approach to prosthodontics in private practice, which I appreciate.”
    —Dr. Pickett
  • Dr. Pickle and his staff understand that a person’s mouth is the entrance to their healthy body. Your mouth must be healthy physically and aesthetically for optimum health. The services this practice provides are designed to benefit the patient’s life as a whole, both in terms of a beautiful smile and having a fully functional mouth. From my first visit, I felt that I was entrusting my mouth to the most capable hands possible, and that impression has not changed a bit!”
    —Olivia B.
  • Dr. Pickle breaks down complicated procedures and makes them easy to understand. He is very good at using visuals in his instruction and his lecturing skills are very impressive. I enjoy his humor in instruction and out-of-the-box approach that enhance treatment options.”
    —Dr. Stacey
  • Dr. Pickle is extremely skilled at his craft, and very attuned to the emotional and physical needs of his patients. He has almost completely cured me of my fear of dentists. I would recommend him to anyone.”
    —Elizabeth M.
  • Dr. Pickle exudes confidence in his ability to make his patients feel comfortable, and he’s followed through every time!”
    —Kim C.
  • Dr. Pickle offers exceptional service, especially for difficult cases like mine that a regular prosthodontist could not treat. He is highly knowledgeable and caring, and is always looking out for his patient’s best interest.”
    —Ingrid C.
  • Dr. Pickle is very professional and knowledgeable about every aspect of his field. I love him and his staff! I am very satisfied with the time Dr. Pickle and his staff took to ensure that I was satisfied with the choices I made.”
    —Sue G.
  • Dr. Pickle has done fantastic dental work for both of us in the ten years we have been seeing him. I know we can rely on him to take care of all our dental needs like he always has!”
    —Julian & Heidi G.

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